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Enviro-Medical Implant Recycling LLC
Specializing in Surgical Implant Recovery
Orthopedic prosthetic surgeries are increasing each year resulting in an increase in the number of cremation clients with metal implants.  Current metallic implants are fabricated from high-grade alloys such as stainless steel, titanium, cobalt, and chromium.

Most implant material is either buried at a cemetery or, more commonly, sent to a landfill with common waste. These materials do not decompose over time but will take up finite land space permanently. This is unnecessary. 

Recycling metallic implants has become a common practice in the United States. Implant material can be sent to recycling centers, sorted and re-melted, where it can then re-enter the material supply chain to be used again.

Recycling these materials is dignified and environmentally sound, reduces mining requirements, and reduces landfill space that would otherwise be occupied forever.

We offer an alternative disposal method which is environmentally responsible, efficient, and of NO charge to you.

Our Service 

We provide you, absolutely free of charge, containers to hold the metal until they are ready for shipping. Containers are made of hard plastic and are about 1.8 cu. ft. These containers provide an environmentally accepted method for disposal and transport.

A plaque is available for you to display explaining that all unclaimed metal is recycled.

While all of us are becoming more aware of the benefit of recycling in all aspects of life, the time has come to be responsible for the environmental impact of our death.
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